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Adobe Access 4

Flash Access 2.0   Adobe Flash Access 4.0 offers content producers and distributors new ways to monetize on their media assets while protecting their assets from misuse. The technology works with client applications based on the Adobe Flash technology and AIRô runtime to deliver more secure, custom experiences on Mac and Windows systems, as well as on mobile devices running Android and iOS.
Flash content access and control will provide your video with DRM, enabling you to verify who is attempting to play the Flash media, thus allowing you to grant or deny play back.

EZDRM's Adobe Access 4.0 software as a service (Saas)reduces your time to market by leveraging our hosted secure infrastructure.

As Adobe's first and oldest Authorized Partner in the Hosted Content Protection ecosystem, we have evolved with the technology and have an unbeatable depth of knowledge on how to accomplish any business need.

Key Features of Adobe Flash Access:

  • Cross-Platform content delivery
    • PC, MAC, Linux
    • Mobile: Android and iOS
  • Easy to use
  • Integration with existing business models and architecture
  • Dynamic Rights Management
  • Persistent Content Protection
  • Offline Content Playback

Playback of Flash Access-protected content is done via an in-browser Flash player, desktop Adobe AIR application, or a mobile native player for Android / iOS.

EZDRM also offers a simple free EZDRM AIR Player for desktop as well as an Android Player.

In addition to the previous Adobe Flash Access 2.0 feature set Access 4 now supports the following features:

  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • HLS DRM Support
  • New client support with the Flash Player
    • Desktop and Mobile
  • Flexible usage right
    • Dynamic license value per request
  • Persistent content protection
  • Device filtering
  • SWF verification
  • Authentication and Pre-authentication Token (an EZDRM exclusive)
  • Output protection
    • Selected output control
  • License chaining
  • Time off set DRM
  • Performance optimization

EZDRM Hosted Adobe Access Packages and Options

EZDRM is offering 4 levels of Adobe Access service. The packages vary by the number of licenses included, as well as available features.

For full information, please check out our Adobe Services page


To get a feel for the end user experience, please take a look at the Adobe Access Demos on our Demo page

Additional Information

For additional information about Adobe Access 4:


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