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PlayReady® DRM
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Silverlight DRM, powered by PlayReady®   PlayReady® DRM is a cross-platform technology that is designed and optimized to enable online content distribution securely. Using PlayReady DRM, content owners can fully protect and monetize their media assets.

The Key Benefits of PlayReady DRM

  • Cross-Platform content delivery:
    • PC, MAC, Linux
    • Mobile: Android and iOS
    • Windows Phone
    • Xbox
    • PlayReady supported connected devices
  • Easy to use
  • Integration with existing business models and architecture
  • Dynamic Rights Management
  • Both Persistent and Non Persistent license options
  • Offline Content Playback
  • Packaging of content locally via a GUI packager or via command line

PlayReady DRM supports:

  • Smooth Streaming (VoD/Live)
  • Key rotation
  • • HLS on iOS (VoD):
    • HTTP Progressive Downloads
    • Offline downloads
  • Flexible usage right
    • Dynamic license value per request
  • Persistent license rights
  • Non Persistent license rights
  • Device filtering
  • Post Authentication and Pre-authentication Token (an EZDRM exclusive)
  • Output protection
    • Selected output control
  • AES 128 encryption
  • WMDRM playback support
  • End to End Content Protection
  • Performance optimization

Playback of PlayReady protected content options:

  • An in-browser Silverlight Player
  • A Desktop Silverlight Out of Browser (OOB)
  • A PlayReady runtime application
  • Android or iOS via a native player application

EZDRM Hosted PlayReady DRM Packages and Options

EZDRM is offering 2 levels of PlayReady DRM service. Both options will allow you to create your media with Microsoft Expressions Encoder (with the built-in player templates). You can also create a custom player with Microsoft Expressions or Microsoft Visual Studio for additional branding and customization.

Basic Package: PlayReady DRM
     PlayReady DRM protected content only. With the Basic Package, you will be able to package new media under the PlayReady DRM technology for online playback through a web browser. This option is ideal for streaming, because the users can not play the content offline.

Enhanced Package: PlayReady DRM Compatible with WMDRM
     This package will extend the reach of your Windows Media DRM protected content into the PlayReady-based experience. By using a combination of PlayReady DRM and WMDRM, you can ensure that a maximum number of end users can view your content.
The Enhanced Package will allow you to offer your media for online playback as well as in a downloadable option for offline playback in Windows Media player for PC based users.
This option will also allow you to offer your existing Windows Media DRM content via the Silverlight player without having to re-protect your media.


PlayReady DRM demos are setup similar to silent licensing. There is no need to enter any info to receive a licence. However, you can set this up on your site to reflect any business model that you need. Please refer to the PlayReady Demos on our Demos page.

Additional Information

For additional information about Silverlight or PlayReady®, please follow the links below to the Microsoft site:

Additional information about our 3rd party Partners Mobile Player


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