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About Us

Windows Media Service Provider is a leader in providing hosted Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions. We are in a partnership with both Adobe and Microsoft to offer license provider services designed to give content creators a broad range of options to monetize and deliver their digital media assets.
EZDRM has evolved with the Digital Rights Management technology. We started our line of DRM services with Windows Media DRM version 1 at its first stages. Now, with the latest features and abilities of Adobe's Flash Access, Microsoft Silverlight DRM powered by PlayReady, and Microsoft Windows Media DRM version 10, we can offer you DRM as a simple DRM addition to your existing web site. No other DRM provider has the amount of experience in the area of Digital Rights Management, as well as no other DRM solutions provider can match the flexibility of our solution. is a Digital Rights Management license provider service offering an end-to-end digital rights management (DRM) system that provides content owners and retailers a flexible platform for the secure distribution of digital media. Using Rights Manager, content owners can now deliver music, videos, and other digital media over the Internet in a protected format. Rights Manager makes it easy for consumers to legitimately obtain digital media files and, in this way, maintain the rights of the content owners. Rights Manager started shipping in April 1999. It is widely deployed by content providers, and is already installed on tens of millions of consumer desktops. EZDRMís solution is proven technology that has gone through multiple revisions.





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