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DRM gives you control over your media. You determine who gets to view your content and how. DRM rules vary, depending on the technology you chose.

Adobe Primetime Access

Adobe's Access technology allows you to control how long the media is played. You can specify the number of days that the user can play the file for, as well as begin and end date for the license, and output protection, just to name a few.

You will need the free EZDRM AIR Player in order to view Demo 1. Demos 2 and 3 are playable within the browser in Adobe's Flash player v 10.1 or above.

Demo 1: Offline Playback

This demo illustrates how a Flash media files plays in the desktop Flash Playes, such as the EZDRM Player or a custom Adobe AIR Player, and requires authentication be for the users is allowed to play the content.
This media is a downloadable "FLV" file.

To view the demo, click on the image on the right to download the media and use
Login: "adobe" and
Password: "adobe"

  Flash Movie

Demo 2: In-browser Pre-Authorized Playback

This demo pre-authorizes the user to receive a license. The media file plays in the in-browser Flash player.

Additionally, output protection levels are turned on on this demo, so screen capture is blocked. Feel free to give that a try.

  Flash Movie

Demo 3: In-browser Post-Authorized Playback

This demo plays in the in-broswer player prompting the user for credential before playback.

To view the demo, click on the image on the right and use
Login: "adobe" and
Password: "adobe"

  Flash Movie

PlayReady DRM

Silverlight DRM demos is set up similar to silent licensing. There is no need to enter any info to receive a licence. However, you can set this up on your site to reflect any business model that you need.

Native Silverlight Media File
Enhanced DRM-protection via PlayReady technology with AES Encryption
  Silverlight DRM demo
Windows Media DRM-protected File
Simply apply Silverlight DRM to any previously Windows Media DRM-protected file for playback in the Silverlight player.
Windows Media DRM playback in Silverlight Player
Out Of Browser
Take your Silverlight media out of the browser and play it anytime, whether you are connected to the internet or not.
EZDRM Silverlight OOB Demo (Out Of Browser)

Windows Media DRM

Using DRM, you can set any number of restriction on your media files, such as expiration date and number of plays, as well as the set permission to transfer to a portable device. Here are some examples:

Post-Deliver Licensing Examples

This example shows a free license (without any restrictions), which can be acquired over again. Play count: 4



This example shows a license being issued to member of the site only,and only upon entry of username and password (or other preferred authentication method). Play count: 4


This example shows a license being issued after the end user enters an e-mail address, or another piece of information you may want to collect from them for promotional purposes. Play count: 4


This example shows a license being issued upon receipt of payment. Play count: 4

Pre-Deliver Licensing Examples


Pre-Deliver Licenses


This mode allows the user to receive the license prior to purchasing the media file. Play count: 4. Available only to Pro account users only. Available on the Windows platform on Internet Explorer only.

Other Features


This example shows the KeyID return service, which allows you to issue a license based on the media file. Play count: 3. KeyID return service is not available to DRM version 1 end users.


This example shows the Silent Post-deliver service, which allows you to issue a post-deliver license without displaying the licensing window. Play count: 4. Silent service is not available to UNIX/.php based clients.

Widevine DRM

The following a Google Widevine Demo showcases a player and 2 media files protected by Widevine DRM. You may be prompted to install a Google Add-on. Please do so. Select either Demo 1 or Demo 2 to view the videos.
  Widevine DRM demo

For more ideas, refer to the Business Scenarios section.


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