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WM DRM Security Levels

This right specifies the minimum security level that is required of an application that plays protected content on a computer or device.

When a consumer tries to play the Windows Media file, the minimum security level specified in the license is compared to the security level of the player application or device. The result determines whether the Windows Media file can be played.

When specifying a minimum security level for your Windows Media files, consider whether you want your Windows Media files to be available to a wide market (require a low security level) or whether you want to restrict playback of your Windows Media files to very secure players a nd devices (require a higher security level). The following table shows examples of application security levels for different players and devices.

Security Level
Players and portable devices
150 Players and portable devices that produces clear content. Microsoft Windows Media Player for Pocket PC
450 The first level of security intended to meet the needs of the SDMI specification; portable media must have a hardware serial number. SDMI-compliant players and portable devices
1,000 • Audio players.
• Desktop computers with software obfuscation (software code with hidden information).
• Portable devices.
Windows Media Player 6.4
2,000 Applications based on Windows Media Format 7 SDK or later Windows Media Player 7 and later



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