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Digital Rights Management, Simplified!

EZDRM is a pioneer, leader and innovator of a managed hosted Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS) solution. Our worldwide customers enjoy the benefits of a straight forward Key Management interface, while leveraging the robust full feature set of DRM technology. Dynamic business rules and API driven licensing complete the integration process, that allows our clients to expand their viewership and create new revenue streams while maintaining full control over studio content.

Why Choose Us

We are Studio Approved

With EZDRM you get the full feature set of Studio Approved DRMs, including Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple FairPlay (FPS), with scale-on-demand power of a hosted solution.

We have close to 2 decades of experience

As one of the original DRM providers in the market, we have been on the forefront and helped shape this constantly evolving industry.

We offer knowledgeable support

Our support team is available 24/7, and is ready to help you with your implementation.

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